Friday, March 2, 2018

The "Wireless" Power of God

"Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desireof your heart."  
Psalms 37:4

I saw the look of gritty frustration on John's face as he blew in the front door. I asked him what was wrong and he fumed, "The truck won't start!"

"The truck" is an old 1981 Chevrolet pick-up we affectionately call "Ole Yeller." He's had it for years, and it's been like a faithful old friend to him. But since we've been married he's been trying to get it back into good running condition and that has been a slow, piece-meal process.  Today was the day he hoped he could get Ole Yeller to pass emissions inspection, but when he went to leave, the old boy just squealed and sputtered and wouldn't even start.

I felt moved by the Spirit to go out there (while John was rummaging in the garage) and lay my hands on the truck to pray. I remember praying, "Lord, YOU know what this old truck means to John. You know it is the desire of his heart to have it working again, and Your Word tell us you love to grant the desires of the hearts of those who take delight in You. John takes delight in you every day, and so I'm asking for this small favor. Holy Spirit, YOU are all power! I believe YOUR power can start this truck and I believe that when I step inside it and turn the key, you will give the power it needs!"  I believed it. I really did. And it started immediately! John came running out of the house, looking so amazed. "You did it!" he exclaimed. 

"No, I didn't. The Lord God Almighty did."

As he drove away I went out in the back yard to see how the internet/phone company was doing. We had new service installed because we could not keep good wireless signal with the old company. The technician had the same frustrated look on his face as John had had earlier. "I thought this was going to be a quick job, but I realize now it could take a couple of days. The source tap on the telephone pole is burned out completely and I can't get any signal to your house."  

I knew these events were spiritually tied.  I went downstairs to my "prayer closet" and sought the Lord again. He spoke to me very clearly and I believe I am to share His words with all of you - because it is an on-time word. I heard the Spirit say:
"You were right to appeal to Me to start the truck. You acknowledged that My power can do what the world cannot do. Now I am causing you to have a few days without technology. Without phone or internet, you will be "fasting" from the world, and you will have to depend upon Me instead of your computer. Draw close to me, child. Be glad for the quiet. Now you can tune into MY signal instead of your "wireless" signal. My signal is far more powerful!  And the days are coming very soon when you may not have your signals and your technology and your running vehicles. What will you do then? Will you learn to trust me and rely on MY power and my direction? Learn now. Listen now. Practice trusting me, moment by moment, for what you really need. And just as you believed that I would start that truck -- always believe."

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